Bean in Love: Café BRISTOL Coffee

And that is where Café BRISTOL Coffee brought me. 

Hailing from Santa Francisca Estate, Nicaragua, Café BRISTOL Coffee began with the Vaughan brothers. In the late 1860s, intrepid brothers, Marshall and Arthur sailed from the Port of Bristol, England, with only one thing in mind: grow great coffee. 

And they did just that. 

I received a packet of Premium Ground Coffea arabica from the kind folks at Café BRISTOL Coffee. It is available at, along with other coffee paraphernalia. 

The Vaughan brothers are spot on: the shady hills and cool climate of Nicaragua make it ideal for cultivating quality coffee. Brewed with a Frenchpress to fully release aromatic oils, Café BRISTOL Coffee yielded a rich cup. It lifted with a crisp acidity before finishing with a sweet linger. I chased another sip for the fruity undertones and before I know it, my mug is empty. If only every Sunday morning begins like this. 

Rainforest Alliance Certified, Café BRISTOL Coffee supports smallholder farmers while protecting the environment. Giving back to the community with every sip of goodness. What more can a coffeehead ask for?

P.S: I designed the poem as an iPhone lock screen. Feel free to use it 🙂

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