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Coffee t&i

Coffee t & iCoffee t&i is a magazine about gasp the holy trinity of visceral treats: coffee, tea, and ice-cream. It is a bi-monthly Thai and English trade magazine catering to industry professionals and aficionados. A friend came across it, and mailed a couple of copies to me.

A palpable sense of anticipation swells, as I tear open packages from Sonia and my friends. Besides warm fuzzies, these gifts provide the strength I need. Beyond utilitarian purposes, they serve as tacit vignettes of the people who care about me. I lost count of the times I cast pensive looks at a get-well card during breaks from writing practice (inability to control my muscles tires me from exerting unnecessary strength).

Though I refrain from bursting into a missive lamenting the blight of a crippling illness, I must say this: I am immensely grateful for the unstinting support from family and friends. This support proves to be an emotional pivot amid the turmoil.

When sudden cardiac arrest during football caused a stroke last year, every link of the chain of survival was present; that is the reason I am still alive today. Family care, love from Sonia, concern from friends, patient guidance from healthcare workers, random acts of kindness from strangers heft the sheer tedium of physical, mental, and emotional trauma.

Recovery may be an arduous journey, but I am not alone. God is leading the way; behind me is strong social support. I am already blessed with unfathomable fortitude.

All I have to do, now, is to be still.

Be Still


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