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Allpress Espresso Tokyo

New Zealand coffee roasting company Allpress Espresso opens a roastery/café in suburban Kiba, Tokyo. Allpress is founded as a coffee cart in Auckland’s Victoria Park in 1986 by Michael Allpress. They ventured into Australia in partnership with renown Sydney restaurateur, Tony Papas and has since expanded into UK, opening Shoreditch Roastery & Cafe in East London. Allpress Japan is a joint venture spearheaded with Teru Harase and Allpress veteran Russell Tearle.

Kiwi coffee culture is blooming, and Allpress Espresso‘s entry to the Japanese market encapsulates it. Tokyo’s burgeoning coffee scene also entices luminaries to jump into the fray. Whatever it is, Tokyoite coffee lovers are in for a treat.

1 Allpress facade 3 Allpress roaster 4 Allpress ice coffee 5 Allpress orders

 Address: 3 Chome-7-2 Hirano, Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō-to

Website: Allpress Japan




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