Bean In Love: Ruanda Karengera & Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba

To nurse the shock from Brazil’s ignominious World Cup losses, we drank more coffee, ironically, coffee from Germany. The kind folks at SOLVINO from Hamburg — exclusive retailer for Speicherstadt Kaffee — had sent us Ruanda Karengera and Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba.

1 Solvino

Many thanks to Soivino.

Sonia used Hario V60 and Bodum French Press to brew the coffee; I used AeroPress (with Able disk filter). The beans are of City roast which is ideal for tasting varietal character. Ruanda Karengera was full bodied with a smooth mouthfeel. An intense nutty note emerged, and the sweetness of berries intensified as cup cooled. The medium malic acidity segued into a lingering, dark chocolate finish.

2 Ruanda Karengera

Ruanda Karengera

Ruanda Karengera Beans

The City roast preserves varietal characteristics.

3 Ruanda Karengera Grounds

Ready to brew.

4 Ruanda Karengera Bloom

Let it bloom, let it bloom, let it bloom.

5 Ruanda Karengera serve

Check out the glorious bubbles.

6 Ruanda Karengera Fuchiko

Fuchiko is enjoying her coffee too.

Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba yielded a subtle undertone of honeysuckle, with a rich, velvety mouthfeel. There was a caramel sweetness that amplified as coffee cooled, and the floral aromatics dissipated gracefully to reveal a persistent milk chocolate finish. Fluid interplay between the soothing citric acidity and caramel sweetness makes it ideal for afternoon coffee breaks.

Now that you know how to alleviate post World Cup blues, get your cure here.

Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba

Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba

Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba beans

Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba beans.

11 Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba French Press

A peep inside the French Press.

Ecuador Especial de Vilcabamba French Press

Hot off the press.

Solvino Tokyo Tower

Sonia shot this during the Germany-Argentina duel. Can you spot the Germany national colours?

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