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Tokyo Coffee Trail: #18 Amameria Espresso

Amameria Espresso in Musashi-Koyama

Located on the ground floor of a residential apartment in Musashi-Koyama, Amameria Espresso combines industrial chic and country aesthetics using raw concrete replete with exposed brickwork. That is not the only melding: Amameria Espresso is an amalgamation of the words mame (“bean” in Japanese) and cafeteria.

Industrial chic meets country style in Amameria Epresso.

2 Amameria Espresso Interior

One of the baristas totally focused on coaxing flavours out of the beans.

Amameria Espresso has a comprehensive menu that includes Gibraltar and Flat White. Single origin hot coffee is also available; you can choose the beans and brewing methods, mainly, Kono hand drip, French Press and AeroPress. Certified cupping judge Toshiaki Ishii opened Amameria Espresso in 2010, after spending 7 years honing his craft in another cafe. There, he made 300 to 400 cups of coffee everyday (up to 1000) and insisted having latte art on every possible cup. Although tea is austerely steeped in Japanese culture, Ishii had a head-start in the coffee industry as his parents ran a kissaten. Fiercely dedicated, he bought a roaster to learn the finer aspects of roasting for another 3 years. It comes as no wonder that there is a humongous roaster in the cafe, which will certainly entice customers with tantalizing aroma during roasting.

3 Amameria Espresso Bird

Decorations like perched birds add a rustic touch.

Initially Amameria Espresso started out as a roastery. It turned out to be so well-loved by the community that Ishii switched to a cafe business model. Elderly residents resting and enjoying the in-house blend is a common sight. Families frequent Amameria Espresso as it is child-friendly, with juice and cocoa on the menu. We ordered a Flat White and hand dripped Guatemala Las Mercedes. The Flat White has a lavishly smooth texture rounding off with a sweet finish. The Guatemala Las Mercedes is a Cup of Excellence 2012 entry with floral aromatics and sweet notes. With a juicy mouthfeel, it nearly turned me into a slobbery mess before finishing in a lingering coconut aftertaste.

5 Amameria Espresso Orders

We ordered a Flat White and Guatemala Las Mercedes.

We ambled along the cavernous shopping arcade nearby after sating our caffeine cravings. Far beyond warm hospitality and impeccable service, our Tokyo Coffee Trail engendered indelible memories of our time together. As my footsteps reverberated their last cadence, a tinge of melancholy grew gently: my Tokyo trip had come to an end. It is time for us to part again.

We should not be sad though, because every day apart is one day closer to being together again.

Facebook: Amameria Espresso

Website: Amameria Espresso

Address: 3-6-15 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


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