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Tokyo Cafe guide book

Intrepid Singaporean cinematographer Pok Yue Weng compiled 46 cafes in a fevered pursuit to document Japanese cafe culture. I have not read the book but you cannot go wrong with 46 cafe reviews. Imagine the sheer amount of coffee he imbibed! His life-risking feat is worth your support so get the book here:

Find out more from the Tokyo Cafe Facebook page:

Update 20 June 2014:

A friend bought the book at BooksActually and gave me a copy as a gift. The chapters are categorized by different Tokyo wards and bookended by maps thoughtfully segregated by zones.  A must-read regardless whether you are a caffeine fiend or not.

Tokyo Cafe own copy


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Cafe guide book

  1. I didn’t know about your posting in May ’14. The book was just staring at me when I was at BooksActually. And I thought HEY! Melvin will probably want it.

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