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Tokyo Coffee Trail: #11 THE COFFEESHOP

Situated amongst the slew of indie fashion boutiques in Daikanyama, THE COFFEESHOP is a selection shop that offers 8 types of single origin beans from Nozy Coffee, The Five Beans and other roasters, prepared using the French Press, Hario V60, Kone filter and AeroPress. Espresso based drinks are unavailable here: the idea is that anyone can have good coffee anywhere, even at home.




The barista busy whipping up our orders.

The bean list offers a selection of coffee carefully curated by Tomoyuki Murasawa. Born in 1984, the young man has a burning passion for all things coffee. Murasawa amassed many fans, aficionados and professionals alike, with his assiduous posts on coffee berries, new paraphernalia and brewing techniques. Follow him on his blog and Twitter (both in Japanese).

Drink Coffee Or Else

Drink coffee or else…


Coffee paraphernalia for sale.

There is a sign that says “No Sugar, But Sweet” outside the shop. Somehow it reminds of us: a long distance relationship may not get closer by meet-ups but it is sweetened by thoughts. Besides, nothing beats the frisson of warm, unsullied nuances caressing the palate on chilly mornings.


No Sugar But Sweet.

Murasawa is a digital native and his profound embrace of technology is evident at THE COFFEESHOP. There is a wall-mounted iPad loaded with a photobooth app for taking selfies and uploading to social media on the fly, making up for the lack of seats with social atmosphere. The iPad point-of-purchase system allows you to choose beans according to their distinct flavours and submit your orders in guided navigation. THE COFFEESHOP‘s brand identity is inspired by über cool design and technology bible Monocle. With a minimal type palette, it is imbued with a touch of humour using cartoons.

iPad Ordering System 1

iPad app that helps you choose beans.

iPad Ordering System 2

The iPad ordering system.

Coffee Cartoons

Funny cartoons in the brochure.

Taking a selfie of the selfie app,

Our curative coffee orders arrived shortly. El Salvador San Isidro is good for a lazy morning refreshment: sweet with a syrupy mouthfeel, balanced acidity and a lingering chocolatey aftertaste. Honduras Orland Arita is full-bodied with tones of mandarin orange which cools to reveal red cherry sweetness, making it the perfect wintry indulgence.

I was lost in thoughts as we toyed with the print brochure and iPad apps between sips. THE COFFEESHOP is the perfect amalgamation of print and digital media. Third wave coffee may be in its nascent stages but new blood like Tomoyuki Murasawa and SARUTAHIKO COFFEE injects a fresh impetus to Tokyo’s specialty coffee scene. I have no doubt new developments in Japan’s coffee industry will be incredibly exciting.


Brochures, stickers and our coffee.


iOS point-of-purchase system.



Address: 2-3 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku


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