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Tokyo Coffee Trail: #9 CAFE LEGS

Sitting in a discreet corner beside Ron Herman Sendagaya RH Cafe, the third iteration of Café Legs Cafe Legs #3 resembles a coffee stand by the beach with its shed-like appearance and surfing vibes. Artist Alexis Ross, along with owner of LA motorcycle shop Choke, Jeff Johnson are the men behind Café Legs, a roving pop-up espresso bar. The inspiration for Café Legs comes from “Café con piernas” the Chilean coffee bars where you are served by scantily clad waitresses.

Cafe Legs #3

Cafe Legs #3

Equipped with a vintage FAEMA E61, Cafe Legs #3 offers espresso-based drinks. The FAEMA E61, directly imported from Italy, is a semi-automatic machine that is highly customized and requires careful maintenance. We ordered macchiato and espresso, deftly prepared by the ambidextrous Matsushita Daisuke. With a basket 3 times as big as a normal one, the espresso is thick, creamy and very winey. With a bright acidity, the first sip of the espresso lifts the palate and mellows just before it overwhelms.

Cafe Legs #3 Interior

Cafe Legs #3 Interior

Cafe Legs #3 Macchiato and Espresso.

Cafe Legs #3 Macchiato and Espresso.

JWT’s Ann Mack presented Embracing Analog at SXSW 2013. The resurgence of interest in analogue things is a countertrend in this digital era. There is something immensely comforting in collecting things from the past such as vinyl records and film cameras. People are fond of the past because they believe that it is better than the present. I don’t know if the espresso shot pulled from FAEMA E61 is better but subsequent sips remind me of a strong, red wine. Wheeler’s Yard in Singapore also serves coffee made with FAEMA E61. Try it and let me know.

Website: Ron Herman Sendagaya

Address: 3-51-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Update (Feb 2014):
Matsushita Daisuke is no longer at Cafe Legs #3.


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