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Coffee seems more awesome when we are together.

4 Reasons Why Coffee Is Awesome. (Image copyright of Oil and Sugar.)
  1. It contains science
  2. It has great taste
  3. It is steam powered
  4. It is beautiful

Somehow I feel that a fifth reason is missing and it will be the fact that coffee has a wonderful aroma.

I’m in a long distance relationship with a lovely girl living in Tokyo. We don’t get to meet up often, but when we do, we spend a lot of time exploring cafes in Tokyo and Singapore.

I would hold her hand and play with her fingers as we sip our coffee. A wonderful aroma seems to suspend amidst the hustle and bustle, one that is comforting and exciting altogether.

I can’t tell whether the lovely aroma pervading the air is the scent of blooming coffee or blossoming hearts but it sure is wonderful. Just as it feels wonderful knowing that you have found the one whom you can share everything with: your thoughts, hopes and dreams. Not to forget coffee, of course.

We had to postpone our Christmas meet up in Tokyo because of unforeseen circumstances (read about it here). As you are reading this, we are planning a Tokyo coffee trail. We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that the trip will happen smoothly this time. Because somehow coffee seems more awesome when we are together.


2 thoughts on “Coffee seems more awesome when we are together.

  1. This post puts smiles in my face. 🙂 It’s really great to read this kind of story. I agree with you that life would be amazing to meet someone whom you can share everything with. Despite the fact that I can’t find him yet, I still feel the happiness from other people who can finally find each other.

    By the way, the fact about coffee is totally true for me! Another truth is that coffee can set me functional before working 😉

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